BlameYourAny has Evolved!

As previously reported, I have a very important announcement to make regarding and the future of my FIFA tutorials. But I would first like to talk you through the reason why I have decided to make this decision.

A while back, after learning more about YouTube partnership, I realised that with my solid viewerbase and HD quality videos I had the potential to be partnered. So when FIFA 13 came out I decided to make more kinds of video that could be turned in to a series and thus make my channel more legible for Partnership.

I was offered partnership by a few networks but ultimately decided against taking it up for various reasons.

Thinking about what direction I was taking BlameYourAny in and how similar my videos & objectives were becoming to other FIFA YouTubers, I realised that I was going down the wrong path & straying from what I really wanted to do which was to focus my work on improving my fans’ ability at FIFA.

I was also helped to this conclusion by many kind messages & notes of thanks I had received from fans, and it was these messages that helped me realise I could do much more with my work than just making over-familiar, run-of-the-mill FIFA-related series’ on YouTube.

So with this new inspiration & motivation, I have decided to start work on a new project: Starting with FIFA 14, this site will exclusively host all of my tutorials & under a new style of management, will have much more content for FIFA games than ever seen before on including full attacking and defending guides. There will also be a new level of interaction as I hope to help you with FIFA more, because I will now be answering questions about the game on Twitter.

I will continue to keep alive, hosting all of the FIFA 11, FIFA 12, FIFA Street, PES2013 & FIFA 13 content I have made so far, but all future content, for FIFA 14 for example, will be exclusive to

I appreciate all the support you have given me down the years with and if it wasn’t because of you I wouldn’t be starting this new project which I hope you will continue to support me in!

Thank You.

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Big Announcement Regarding In The Coming Days

I have a huge announcement to make regarding the future of that I will be making very soon.

BlameYourAny has enjoyed a great run since it’s creation almost 3 years ago and this experience and the fans have taught me a lot along the way.

The combination of these experiences and lessons have helped to lead me in the direction I am going in now and I feel that this change warrants an announcement.

However, before making this huge announcement, I will be releasing a new FIFA 13 guide that covers all the fundamentals you need to know as well as some more advanced techniques. Note that this guide is basically how I myself play so if it is written well enough then you should be able to become a great player from using it!

So please enjoy that guide when it’s released and please also check out the announcement shortly after.


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FIFA 14 Special Editions Revealed


The special editions of FIFA 14 have been announced today for the UK and there will be 3 of them. The first is the Ultimate Edition which like last year will give the buyer 24 Ultimate Team Gold Packs (1 per week for 24 weeks) but unlike last year, will also give the buyer instant access to historical kits, new celebrations and even Virtual Pro stat boosts. It will also give the buyer access to the Adidas All-Star team. GAME are offering the Limited Edition which gives you all the goodies of the Ultimate Edition except the Ultimate Team packs … Continue Reading…

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FIFA 14 Details (inc. video)


The first details about next-gen FIFA 14 and current-gen FIFA 14 have emerged from the Xbox One reveal event this week. The most notable improvement to the series will be the fact that FIFA on Xbox One will now run on the new Ignite Engine with many visual improvements set to be made. Other improvements that will also be in the current-gen FIFA 14 include changes to AI, which will now make 4x more decisions at any given time which should improve the final product of the AI when making a supporting run etc. There will also be over 1,000 … Continue Reading…

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FIFA 14 Ultimate Team on Xbox One to receive exclusive content

FIFA 14 on the next-gen console ‘Xbox One’ will have exclusive content for the Ultimate Team game mode.

There is no word yet on what kind of content this will be but I would certainly like to see kit and badge customization as well as the ability to assign specific squad numbers to players.

FIFA 14 on Xbox One already looks exciting with the introduction of the Ignite Engine so any other next-gen improvements will certainly be welcome.

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New videos added for FUT13 and EAS FC Challenges

We have added new videos of some of the latest FIFA 13 Ultimate Team & EA Sports Football Club challenges being completed.

The October 3rd TOTW was defeated on Ultimate difficulty whilst the EAS FC challenges were done on Legendary which are both the highest difficulties you can challenge on.

You can check out these videos by following the respective links below:


TOTW Challenges

EAS FC Challenges

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BYA Penalty Tutorial for FIFA 13

We have added a new tutorial showing you how to score the vast majority of your penalty kicks with the BYA Penalty tutorial.

The BYA Penalty allows you to cut out the nerves and mind-games of penalties and put the ball in to a place where most opposition players don’t know how to save.

This custom corner works against the CPU but is most effective against other human players.

You can check out the video tutorial below or click here for the full text guide.

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BYA Corner Tutorial for FIFA 13

We have added a new tutorial showing you how to create a Custom Set-Piece and more specifically, The BYA Corner.

The BYA Corner allows you to pass the ball to a player on the edge of the box, taking your opponent by surprise, giving you a free shot at goal.

This custom corner works against human opposition but is also extremely effective against the CPU, even on Legendary and Ultimate difficulties.

You can check out the video tutorial below or click here for the full text guide which has more tips including how to use any team you want in the Arena or in Training.

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How to Boost FIFA 13 Online Pro Accomplishments!

UPDATE: Please read this page for important information regarding this tutorial!

It’s been heavily requested and it’s finally here: The BYA Boosting Guide for FIFA 13 Online Pro Accomplishments!

Accomplishments can only be unlocked Online in FIFA 13 but there are still ways to attain them quickly and with ease!

BlameYourAny has released a new tutorial showing you 2 ways you can boost your Online Pro up quickly so you don’t have to struggle unlocking accomplishments, whether they be relatively easy or extremely difficult, in Pro Seasons or Drop-In matches.

Check out the video tutorial below or click here for the full text-based guide with additional tips and advice for boosting FIFA 13 Accomplishments.

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BYA Burst Skill Move Tutorial

BlameYourAny has released a new FIFA 13 Tutorial today, featuring a very useful trick you can do to dribble past defenders.

The trick is called the BYA Burst and is named that because of the quick bolt of speed you get when exiting out to the side.

You can check out the video tutorial below or click here for the full text guide.

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