FIFA 12 Player Ratings for Barclay’s Premier League players revealed!?

A leak from EA Sports has led to the release of what is supposedly the player overalls (and some other stats) of Barclay’s Premier League players in FIFA 12.

The information came out only recently but was in a form that was very hard to read and very hard to find what you were looking for, but thankfully, BarcaBoy has gone through the trouble of organising the data in to a user-friendly spreadsheet.

The data shows a number of player rating shifts that have suprised many fans including Berbatov going down by 2, Steven Gerrard going up and Fernando Torres remaining at 86 despite a torrid second half of the season last term and a far from good start of this one.

Unfortunately at this time, the data is not readable online, so you will need to download the spreadsheet file and view it in a compatible program. Download links and more information is below:

Link to BarcaBoy’s original accompanying video, spreadsheet download link is inside the video description

If you do not have Microsoft Excel 2007 or newer then you can download the Excel Viewer for free here

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